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Hello, I am Amanda Wyman

I am the owner and sole photographer of Berkana Photography Studios.

Born and raised here in beautiful Colorado, I have a deep appreciation for our wild spaces and animals and I love incorporating that into my work with my clients.

I am a mother to both a son and a daughter. Becoming a mother was one of the most profound things to ever happen to me and I want to help other mothers commemorate their journeys as well.

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My Why

I got into photography to showcase how absolutely amazing and powerful mothers are. We do so much for those we love and we make so many sacrifices while asking for so little in return.

Well, when you work with me, I want you to know that you are absolutely the star of the show. This is for you, Mama, to celebrate all that you do for your family on the daily.

I want you to leave our session feeling like the most beautiful, radiant, badass mother goddess to ever exist.

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Berkana is an ancient Scandinavian symbol, known as a rune. The word "Berkana" translates to "Birch Goddess." In ancient Scandinavia, birch trees were symbolic of fertility. The Berkana rune encompasses all aspects of fertility including conception, pregnancy, birth and rebirth, motherhood, and new life. The energy this symbol gives off is one of nurturing and motherly love.

Kind Words From My Mothers


"So grateful to have found Amanda! She has great communication, is flexible, follows through with her commitments. I had both my maternity and newborn pictures done by Amanda and they brought me to tears with how beautifully she captured my family and met every hope I had about the pictures. Couldn’t recommend Berkana more and will certainly be coming back for all photography! Thank you Amanda!"

-Sarah B. | Denver, CO


-cATIE k. | aRVADA, CO

"Amanda, has such an amazing eye for lighting, scene layout and take total care in the prep. that being said what is important about photography so to review I must tell you not about Amanda but about Julia, she is a fun, silly adventurous and shy little girl but you'd never see the shy in these photos, she crinkles her little nose when she is excited, she tilts her head when she is being curious and for some reason she always lifts up her little foot a weird quirk that I just love my favorite smile is when she shows her teeth. believe it or not Mandy's didn't do much other than setup and I say that in the best way possible. a lot of photographers are like look here pose this way sit here move there and the kids get stressed out. Mandy laid on the floor and let me be me and Julia be Julia as a mom that's what I want I don't want my baby to look like a perfectly posed baby I want her messy and full of life and to be happy not forced into positions that aren't natural to her so behind Amanda I played peek-a-boo and got her to smile the way I know she smiles at me not the smile she gets when she is unsure. she looked away and those pictures came out amazing, she tilted her head and Amanda got that. she did not overwhelm my child she didn't force her into unnatural poses. not a moment was my child uncomfortable and when Julia was done the shoot was done..... that is what it means to be a great photographer know your client know what they can tolerate and get as much as you can and the result is phenomenal if you have ever had the opportunity to work with Amanda you know what I'm talking about and if you haven't I highly recommend that you do I promise you won't be disappointed."

-Lindsay G. | Eagle Mountain ,UT

"Working with Amanda was amazing. She was kind, friendly, knowledgeable about poses and what would look good, and FUN! My photos turned out amazing. The turn around time was quick and I’m so in love with the pictures I can’t say enough about them. I will definitely work with her again. 10/10 do recommend!!!"

-Angela F. | Centennial, CO

"Love my photos, and love how beautiful and powerful they make me feel!

I asked Amanda if she was game to take some bold and bright headshots/branding images, and she enthusiastically started sending me location ideas. Once we were at the shoot, she confidently coached me on posing and facial expressions, and the result was so much better than if I’d been left to my own devices! A I’m so excited to have these images as I start to build my brand. Putting myself out there to the world will feel a little less scary thanks to Amanda’s talent, creativity and attention to detail. 10/10 recommend hiring Amanda to capture your most special memories, and those sweet moments of strength and confidence.

-Lauren L.G. | Lakewood, CO

"Amanda is amazing! Working with her was an absolute dream. The photos came out wonderfully, and I am not at all surprised - Amanda is so knowledgeable about poses and angles and lighting.

I’m disabled and use a cane sometimes, and Amanda was wonderful to work with in that area as well. She checked in with me just the right amount about what was possible for me, what I could do more or less easily, etc. and I felt very safe in her presence.

I feel so incredibly lucky that I got to work with Amanda! I highly recommend her and her work. 10/10!!"

-Kathleen S. | Seattle, WA

"Berkana Motherhood and Family Photography is fantastic to work with. Amanda took my family photos at Red Rocks and did a phenomenal job. I love being in front of a camera, but the rest of my family doesn't. Amanda made everyone feel comfortable and confident. Our photos show this. She edited and presented our photos quickly. Highly recommend working with Amanda."

-Sydney J.C. | Littleton, CO

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Available for hire in the beautifully scenic and colorful state of Colorado. You pick your venue and I will come to you. I'm also happy to pick a spot if you're unsure of where would be best.

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